College Planning Help and Resources | The Prudent Professor

​The real me, who clearly hates having her picture taken.

​​​​Welcome! I'm Amanda, but my students call me Dr. C. I've worked in higher education for over 20 years. Over the decades, I've seen many students struggle to develop college level skills and many families struggle to understand the higher education system, especially financial aid.

My alter ego, The Prudent Professor, was born from a simple idea: we should teach students and families what they need to know about college ​before​ they even apply to college. So I left my full-time teaching job to better serve students and families just like you!​​​

​As The Prudent Professor, I help students develop the skills needed for college success. I also guide students and families as they make big decisions, like where to go to college and which major to pursue. And I explain the financial aid system, so students and parents can make informed decisions about money and college.

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​My alter ego​.