College Binder Organization in 10 Simple Steps (or Less)

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Have you ever tried to watch a TV show or movie, only to zone out because the characters make no sense?

College Binder Organization is similar. If you’re messy enough that your binders are disorganized, then this article might be for you! Let’s start with 1-inch three hole dividers. These are excellent for sorting important handouts by subject. For example, I have class notes in blue folders that are stored behind the green divider labeled “Science”. Science goes behind the green divider, not under it…this is common sense!

Now how can we get all of our papers into these see-through pockets? Use paperclips. Put one or two on each corner of your paper so they don’t fall out.

If you didn’t use paperclips, or if you don’t want to mess with them, then here’s another trick! Put the papers in the pockets backwards so that they are visible when you flip through your binder, but cannot fall out accidentally. After all of these steps are done, congratulations on having an organized binder! Now enjoy a well-deserved break…wait a minute…there’s more!

There may come a time when you take out a sheet from your binder and forget where it belongs. Although this is inevitable with time passing by rapidly, there is a way to make things easier on yourself: tab dividers. These can be bought from any office supply store approximately three dollars. Simply slide them in your binder and use a pen to label what each divider is for. If you want to be even more organized, opt for different colors so that you can differentiate papers by subject better!

After all of this hard work, hopefully you have an article worthy of appearing on College Binder Organization, or anywhere else for that matter! Good luck with your studies.

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