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4 Financial Aid Rules You Absolutely Must Follow

Honestly, I had a hard time thinking of a title for this post. I was going to title it “4 Ways to Lose Your Financial Aid.” Then I realized no one is looking for advice about how to lose their financial aid. I settled on “4 Financial Aid Rules You Absolutely Must Follow.” If you don’t […]

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Five Tips to Soothe FAFSA Frustration

Does hearing “FAFSA” fill you with dread? Anxiety? Or maybe even fear? If so, I assure you those are all normal feelings. Parents often dread filing the FAFSA as much as filing taxes. The FAFSA actually looks and feels a lot like an IRS 1040 form, ​with all the confusing instructions, the lines and boxes and […]

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How to Afford College: 5 Tips from a Professor

​If you hadn’t noticed, I write a lot about budgeting, financial aid and paying for college​. There’s a good reason for that. Poll after poll shows that cost is the biggest college worry for both students and parents. That wasn’t always the case. If you look at polls from 10-15 years ago, you’ll see that ​picking […]

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10 Money-Smart Questions to Ask Your Financial Aid Adviser

70% of students use financial aid to pay for college. 100% of them must meet with a financial aid adviser. 98% of them have no idea what to do during this meeting. Sure, I made up that last statistic. But you know what? I’m probably right. Sadly, most college students don’t know much about financial aid. Unfortunately, […]

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5 College Budgeting Mistakes to Avoid

In an earlier post, I described six reasons families and students should have a budget for college. Having a budget for college helps students and families feel more confident in their decision-making. A budget also reduces the risk of overborrowing, so students won’t be saddled with excessive loan debt after graduation. Before you begin creating your […]

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