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Flat Rate Tuition: The Key to Cheaper College?

If you’re researching colleges, you’ve probably noticed that there are different ways of calculating tuition. This can be confusing and can make it harder to compare costs between schools. Colleges used to calculate tuition per credit hour, and many still do. But more schools have started using a flat rate tuition model. I’ve recommended flat rate […]

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College Binder Organization in 5 Simple Steps (or Less)

If you’re reading this, you’re probably trying to get organized for college. That’s great! I’m really proud of you. Yes, I’m proud of you, even though we probably don’t even know each other. Why? Because I see students struggle with organization issues all the time. Almost none of them ever do anything about it. So yes, […]

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5 Frequently Forgotten College Budget Expenses

In an earlier post I wrote about common college budgeting mistakes, like overfocusing on large expenses and ignoring smaller ones. That started me thinking about the smaller costs students and families forget about when planning for college.  I thought I should highlight some of those frequently forgotten college budget expenses. Individually, these expenses seem minor […]

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Best School Supplies for College Students (Fall 2020)

If you’ve explored my site much, you know that I’m passionate about the topic of money and college. Part of that comes from my own experience with student loan debt. A bigger part comes from seeing my students’ financial struggles and their confusion over college finances. One reason I started The Prudent Professor is because I […]

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Failing College? Here Are Your Options.

If you landed on this post, there’s a good chance you’re concerned about failing out of college. Maybe a little, maybe a lot, but you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t worried on some level. You might’ve just failed your first test in college. Perhaps you’re getting bad grades in a class or two. Or […]

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