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Boxing Method of Note Taking: A Quick Introduction (with Photos)

If you’re in college, or heading there soon, you probably already know some note taking basics. You’ve likely heard of or used the outline method or the Cornell method, two popular forms of note taking. But how much do you know about other note taking techniques? In this post, we’ll look at a fairly new […]

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Sunday Routine for Students (5 Steps to a Productive Week)

If you want to study more productively during the week, you should look at how you spend your Sundays. Yes, I know Sunday is the weekend. Yes, I know the point of weekends is to not think about school. But what you do these two days can have a big impact on your overall productivity. […]

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Pomodoro Technique for Studying (My #1 Student Productivity Hack)

I have a confession to make. An unusual confession for an academic. I don’t like to write. It hasn’t always been this way. Maybe it’s the years I’ve spent forcing myself to write, first for my thesis, then my dissertation, then for professional journals. Maybe it’s the lack of creativity in academic writing. But somewhere […]

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Flat Rate Tuition: The Key to Cheaper College?

If you’re researching colleges, you’ve probably noticed that there are different ways of calculating tuition. This can be confusing and can make it harder to compare costs between schools. Colleges used to calculate tuition per credit hour, and many still do. But more schools have started using a flat rate tuition model. I’ve recommended flat rate […]

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College Binder Organization in 5 Simple Steps (or Less)

If you’re reading this, you’re probably trying to get organized for college. That’s great! I’m really proud of you. Yes, I’m proud of you, even though we probably don’t even know each other. Why? Because I see students struggle with organization issues all the time. Almost none of them ever do anything about it. So yes, […]

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