Best Credit Cards For Students

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The best credit cards for students are designed to help you get started building a healthy financial profile. These accounts will give beginners an opportunity, even if it’s just one small step at first!
When signing up with any new brand or company take time out of your busy schedule so that this process goes smoothly and without stress – remember there is no hurry when making wise decisions about how much debt we want later down life journeys

1. SBI student plus advantage card


The SBI Student Plus Advantage Card is a great option for students looking to save on their monthly interest charges. The 2% rate per month makes this credit card one of the most affordable in its category, and it also offers doorstep delivery with railway tickets purchased from anywhere! You can convert every purchase made using your student ID into EMIs at no extra charge so that you have more wiggle room when making larger transactions or saving up cash points before redeeming them as gifts later down
The best thing about getting all these benefits? They’re completely free-of cost.

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2. Kotak silk inspire card

Students who love shopping will find the silk inspire card by Kotak to be their best bet. The locations eligible for this credit card include Bangalore, Chennai ( gunmen city), Gurgaon and noida . When you spend ₹7 500 in retail stores during one billing cycle then it gives 5% cashback while if spent 1 lakh every six months get 1000 reward points as anniversary bonus rewards!

3. HDFC Bank ForexPlus card


The world of international education is becoming increasingly global. For students, this means they are seeking out academic opportunities to boost their careers and gain expertise in other countries’ currencies – which can be difficult without access or an ability to exchange them freely ( borrowing against). The HDFC Bank ForexPlus card does away with that problem by offering multiple levels across different markets; when you make withdrawals on your account using it as proof-of lay elsewhere , then not only are there no fluctuations due to changes happening within our own country’s finances but also nothing bad happens.

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4. HDFC Multicurrency Platinum Forexplus Chip card

HDFC Multicurrency Platinum Forexplus Chip card is the perfect solution for students studying in 20+ countries. This powerful credit/debit facility comes with advanced online banking features that allow you to transfer money, track your account activity and manage spending easily from anywhere around world! With a low limit of ₹5 lakhs on offer along fraud protection up until ₹5L if accidents happen during travels abroad then this product will give them peace of mind knowing their finances are covered no matter what happens
The special offers within include travel accident insurance which covers up tp Rs 1 lakh/-

5. Bank of Baroda financial prime card

The Bob Financial Prime Card is a rewards-based credit card that offers four points per ₹100 spent, which can be redeemed for gifts and other items. In addition to having no annual fees or minimum deposit requirements unlike most cards on fixed deposits with an initial deposit requirement as low at just 15000 rupees (₹), this particular one also doesn’t charge any interest rates either – so even if you’re not sure what your budget will look like each month there’s nothing stopping from earning more reward points!

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6. ICICI Bank student forex prepaid card


The Indian government is offering a great incentive to study abroad: the ICICI Bank Student Forex Prepaid Card. This card will allow you not only purchase items in any country accepting MasterCard, but also add money from anywhere and every transaction happens through secure channels! You get all these benefits with no annual fee or foreign withdrawal restrictions – it truly makes sense why so many students opt for this option when they’re planning their future overseas careers. One more thing that sets our bank’s offer apart? It comes standard accompanied by travel insurance coverage just waiting for those moments you find yourself uncertain about how expensive international healthcare can be sometimes…

7. Axis Bank insta easy credit card

The Axis Bank insta easy credit card is given against a minimum fixed deposit of ₹20,000. Availing the card gives you 100 points on your first transaction and post that for every 200 spent with this particular debit/charge card in any type stores or restaurants across India; 6 Reward Points will be awarded which converts into 1 monetary value at Yatra’s expense! Other perks include access to an exclusive dining delights program by way if CRED payments made through M&M Online Services Pvt Ltd., Pune branch – we mail them out once per month!. Make sure not miss these awesome offers while they last because there won’t always be another chance like it.

8. Kotak aqua gold credit card


If you’re a student who spends more than ₹1,50,000 every year on train tickets or if your daily expenses exceed that amount by even just 50 paise then the Kotak Aquafil credit card will be perfect for you. Not only does it come with four free PVR movie theatre passes as an added bonus but also offers waiver from railway surcharges fees which makes this one of India’s best travel finance cards available today!


There are several great card options for students. based on your spending habits, you may choose a particular one that works best to suit what’s going in the moment!

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