About | The Prudent Professor

​Are you a teen ​preparing for college?
Are you the parent of a college-bound teen?

​Are you:

  • ​Worried about how to pay for college?
  • ​Confused by college financial aid?
  • ​Overwhelmed by the college application process?
  • Stressed out about choosing the right college?
  • Anxious about all things college?

​I understand and I'm here to help.

​Who Is The Prudent Professor?

​Hi there! I'm Amanda and I've worked in higher education for over 20 years.

Over time I realized that I'm happiest and at my best when I'm mentoring and advising students. I love helping students ​develop their academic skills and decide ​answers to big questions, like which major to choose. In fact, some of my students nominated me for an award as the professor who made the biggest difference in their lives...and I won!

​That honor, and my other experiences working with students, inspired me to start a business that helps teens and families prepare for college.​

About The Prudent Professor

​The Prudent Professor was born from a simple idea: we should teach students and families what they need to ​know about college before they ​even apply to college.

Seems obvious, right? But we just don't do a good job of preparing high school students for college, academically, emotionally or financially.

As a result, I see a lot of first-year college students struggle. Good students. Hard-working students. Students who want to do well, but:​

  • They question whether they've chosen the right college or major, or if they should be in college at all
  • ​They're worried that they "don't have what it takes" to be successful
  • They're confused by the financial aid system and terrified of student loan debt
  • They're afraid of making bad decisions and disappointing their parents

​It's stressful for students and families. But I have good news...it doesn't have to be that way.

​How The Prudent Professor Can Help You

​As The Prudent Professor, I help families and their college-bound teens:

  • ​Figure out financial aid
  • ​Create budgets and plans to pay for college
  • Choose the right college and​ major
  • ​Master the skills for college success
  • ​Navigate the transition to college

​What I Believe

​I believe all students and ​parents deserve clear explanations and practical advice about college, without having to pay thousands of dollars for specialized consultants and coaches. Giving ​families the "insider secrets" they need to​ plan and prepare for college is at the heart of my work as The Prudent Professor.

I truly believe:

  • Families can plan for college on their own, when given the right tools and information
  • Students can overcome struggles and ​develop the skills required for college success
  • ​Students can earn a quality college degree without devastating student loan debt
  • ​​Anxious teens can become confident collegians, with the right resources and support