6 Hardest Languages And How To Learn Them

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These are the 6 hardest languages for English speakers to learn, according to various surveys and sources. Arabic is said to be the most difficult, followed by Polish, Russian, Turkish, and Danish. All of these languages have unique features that make them challenging for English speakers, such as different alphabetical systems and complex grammar rules. If you’re looking to learn a new language that will really test your skills, one of these five might be the perfect choice!

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1. Mandarin Chinese

10 Reasons To Start Learning Mandarin Now

Mandarin Chinese is a difficult language to learn, but it’s also the most widely spoken native tongue in all of Asia. Learning how communicate with people from other parts if not just by reading or writing can be challenging at first because they will have their own set words for certain things that we use everyday here like “characters” (writing) which are actually called kanji; this makes learning even more rigorous since you’re having your vocabulary stretched beyond its limits while trying figure out what these strange little pictures mean!
The hardest part about mastering mandarin would probably have something do w/the country’s written system – Latin based alphabets aren’t easy enough.

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Learning Mandarin is not easy. The tonal nature of the language makes speaking it very hard, and even understanding what people are saying can be challenging for beginners because there’s more than one dialect with different written characters and pronunciations (including Cantonese). However you say ma-horse vs mother in your native tongue – upon first glance these sound almost identical; however after listening carefully enough we realize they have quite distinct meanings!

2 Arabic

Arabic is the hardest language for English speakers to learn, according to various surveys and sources. This is mainly due to the fact that it uses a completely different alphabetical system than English. Arabic also has a complex grammar system with many rules that can be difficult to grasp. However, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, learning Arabic can be a rewarding experience.

3 Polish

Polish is another difficult language for English speakers to learn, due largely in part to its different alphabetical system. Polish also has trickier pronunciation than other languages, as well as gender-specific nouns which can add an extra layer of complexity. However, once you get the hang of it, Polish can be a beautiful and melodic language.

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4 Russian

 латинська оптимальна абетка

Russian is another one of the hardest languages for English speakers to learn. This is due to a few different factors, such as its Cyrillic alphabet, complex grammar rules, and difficult pronunciation. However, many people find that learning Russian can be a very rewarding experience.

5 Turkish

Turkish is another language that can be difficult for English speakers to learn. This is because it uses a different alphabetical system than English and has complex grammar rules. Additionally, Turkish has a lot of loanwords from other languages, which can make it difficult to understand for those who are not familiar with them.

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6 Danish


Danish is the final language on our list of the hardest languages for English speakers to learn. While it shares a lot of similarities with English, such as its alphabet and grammar, Danish can be difficult to understand due to its unique pronunciation. Additionally, Danish has a lot of idiomatic expressions that can be difficult to translate.


So there you have it, the six hardest languages for English speakers to learn. All of these languages have unique features that make them challenging, but also rewarding to learn. If you’re up for a challenge, why not try learning one of these languages? You might be surprised at how much you can accomplish!


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